Intervarsities is a combination of different events.

Team competition with 3 riders per team & also individual. There are 4 rounds of dressage with the 3 team riders all in the arena together for the 1st test. The riders progress onto the successive rounds by the best score on the same horse between the different riders who ride the horse in each round. In the final round there is two riders and both riders complete a test on both horses.

Showjumping consists of 4 rounds of jumping. The 1st and 2nd round are judged by clear rounds and also by the equitation. The rider with the best score on the same horse will move onto the next round. The 3rd and 4th rounds are judged by time and faults. In the 4th round there are two riders and they each ride the two horses that are in the final.

Prix Caprilli 
This is a one round competition where riders work as aprt of a team of 3 and ride dressage test which contains 4 jumps in the dressage arena also. This is scored as both a team and individual event.